Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.



The Sports Day is coming up in Februaury as the houses are competing with each other in order to know who is the better house team. Current score of the houses

Alpha: 120
Beta :165
Gamma : 180

As till there is a chance for some of houses to get to the lead, there will be a shot put competition, relay, 100m and so on. The March Past will also take place. The march past  for the winner will get  more than 20 points in order to get to the lead or draw with the other houses.

Done by: Mohammed Ekrima

The last IT test

The last IT test was not on the laptop as taught it was on paper, it was 4 pages, the first page was the introduction and the rules

Leadership Ceremony

The leadership ceremony was a great day for the school

The Term Exams

The Exam are tests students are scared from.  It is something that students study for and look forward for it but you can be stressed. In the Westminster school year 8 the tests were hard and needed a lot of studding and work.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

The hobbit was a great learning experience.In the English period Ms.Mahjabeen taught  us all about the hobbit and we watched the movie too.We had fun activities and it was really a break from the regular class of grammar and workbooks……

Food day

The World Food day was an exiting day because had an opportunity to buy natural  juices. It was nice to have an opportunity to taste fresh fruit  juice and celebrate the day.

The first IT test

This is the first time in the school has IT tests on laptops we have 4 tests in a academic year it has 25 marks for each test and 30 minutes for each we had to bring are laptops and USB but the boys that did not have laptops were warned to tell the teachers before 1 week it was fun because some boys had games


Leader can….

The Leadership Ceremony was an amazing event. As the president of 8B2 I was able to experience a great opportunity to see all presidents, vice presidents and other prefects of different clubs share their views and objectives. The entertainment was spectacular with music, stunts and others. The event was even displayed live to each class! In the end, all prefects were give their badges for their respective positions. Overall, it was an epic event. xD – Kalith Jude

World Teachers Day

We celebrated the World Teacher’s day on 4th October. Senior student from grade 9 and above represented the teachers by giving the smaller classes lessons!